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SMACC equipped me with advanced social media analytics expertise. Utilizing industry-leading platforms Talkwalker and ComScore, I mastered extracting insights, analyzing sentiment, and identifying key influencers. Working with real clients, I crafted comprehensive listening audits and tailored measurement frameworks, translating data into actionable marketing strategies. This hands-on experience provided me with both the skills and client-validated results to excel in the field of social media analytics.



Israeli-Hamas Hate Speech

Client: Stand up to Jewish Hate and UCONN

The Israeli-Hamas project investigated how ongoing conflicts contribute to increased hate speech and hate crimes. It used demographic and analytical data to track the rise of inflammatory rhetoric and discriminatory actions during times of heightened tension. By analyzing demographic trends, the project highlighted the urgent need to address the underlying causes of hate speech and hate crimes. It provided evidence-based strategies to combat these issues, emphasizing the importance of education, dialogue, and community engagement in promoting understanding, empathy, and tolerance in conflict-affected environments.

Comscore Competitors 

Client: Comscore

For ComScore, I led a project to gather and analyze data on competitors, enhancing their marketing strategy. By leveraging advanced analytical tools, I provided actionable insights to help Comscore stay competitive and adapt to market changes effectively.

Israeli-Hamas Conflict Emotional Manipulation

Client: UCONN and ComScore

For multiple clients, I investigated how emotional manipulation tactics increase the dissemination of misinformation. This project underscores the critical reliance people have on social media during modern warfare, shedding light onto vulnerable audiences.  





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