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Hey There!

My name is Mattie Elkin, and this is my portfolio! On this website, I will showcase my best works through all different mediums. 


A Bit About Me

From a small town in Connecticut, there are not many opportunities to flourish. However, I never let this become an obstacle for me, but rather an opportunity to step outside my comfort zone both location-wise and design-wise. Currently, I am attending the University of Connecticut as a Digital Media and Design major with a concentration in business strategies, with a minor in communication. My goal is to help companies improve communication through digital media experiences.

I have experience in graphic design through adobe suites and procreate. I love seeing the progress I can make over time, and DMD is visual art in which you can see all of your improvement. I am developing my UI/UX skills with Adobe XD, Figma, and programming languages such as HTML and CSS. I have been working with outside brands and companies, along with local businesses to elevate my design skills to help companies communicate their brand effectively. I also have experience in painting and hand-drawing illustrations. Out of all of these skills, my main focus is business strategies. I am developing my digital marketing skills through analytical softwares such as SEMrush, Google Analytics 4, and Google Tag manager. 


Work Experience

January 2022 - Present

January 2022 - Present

June 2023 - August 2023

June 2022-August 2022

June 2018 - August 2021

Maker Specialist- Uconn Innovation Lab

Assist Innovation Zone users with maker space equipment, such as vinyl cutters, engravers, 3D printers, sewing machines, and woodworking

Graphic Designer/ Photographer- UNFOLDED

Used graphic design skills to design a mental health collection including clothing and tote bags for a student-run startup

Digital Solutions Intern- Global Atlantic Financial Company

  • Enhanced capture of user interactions on GA's retirement investment calculators across GA's main sites usingGoogle Tag Manager

  • Led the adoption of SEMrush software for SEO and accessibility website optimization

  • Evaluated and proposed multiple strategies for use of SEMrush tools to improve GA's online visibility anddiscover business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing insights

  • Improved site health by 10% and reduced site errors by over 90%

  • Addressed a redirect issue that resolved over 10,000 errors on GA's main sites

  • Evaluated, summarized, and proposed accessibility overlays to address AA compliance issues

  • Proposed improvement of GA's digital brand through a diversity equity and inclusion powerpoint

  • Developed a component library system to align design system components across marketing

  • Developed and implemented a responsive grid overlay in GA's Figma Library 

Intern- Pfizer Digital Innovation Lab

  • Completed customizable fields created by Pfizer on Switchpitch to attach additional insights on the startups for innovation platforms and services in the digital innovation lab

  • Assisted Patient Promise in vendor research and created a PowerPoint for a UI/UX overview

  • Assisted PowerPoint Design and organization for All-hands meeting

Web design/ Graphic Design/ Gymnastics Teacher - Caffery's

  • Rebranded & developed a new website with an improved user interface on WordPress (

  • Designed apparel, posters, programs, and other merchandising products

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