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Caffery's Dance and Gymnastics Studio is a competitive and recreational studio for boys and girls to experience the art of dance. This studio is not just a team but a family. I have been a part of this studio for 15 years and have won 5 national titles. In my senior year of dance, Cafferys changed owners and the new owner was looking to rebrand the studio. 

THE PROCESS was created through WordPress and is a website where parents and students can view the company's mission and view the extensive opportunities the company provides. Around April of 2021, the new owner, Lindsay Almquist, offered this opportunity to me, and it has been such an amazing experience. This project was my first experience with a company and has helped me grow my experience and consumer perspective. In this project, I built and designed the site, rebranded their logo, and helped improve the future organization for the owner. 

Before this site was created, the website was confusing, and simply no one knew it existed. Now, it will be the sole source of information and be a universal platform for registration as well as media and important resources. This newly renovated website matches the newly renovated studio and provided a better experience for everyone involved. I worked directly with the owner, pervious owner, teachers, as well as IT to make this site professional and cohesive.

This site went live in July 9th, 2021 and

although it is still under construction, it is

 fully functional and a big improvement

from the prior site. 

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