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Image by Kelly Sikkema


So far in my programming experience, I have learned HTML and CSS. Below are some examples of my HTML and CSS coding. 



As a part of my web design course, I used HTML and CSS to program a website based on my favorite meal. For this website, I created 5 pages: home, how to make it, ingredients, history, and order online. The most difficult part of this project was learning how to make a functioning automatic carousel of images. Although this took me the longest amount of time, it was helpful to push myself to do something that I knew would look good, even though it was not part of the original assignment. Another portion of this site that I expanded upon was the contact page. Although it was not part of my wireframing, I knew I wanted a contact form page. After working on the Caffery's site, where the contact page was built by Wordpress features, it was helpful to see the coding behind it. 

Click on the computer above to visit my basil site! 

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