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The Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center

The Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center rebranding project began as a mockup for a Digital Media and Design course in my freshman year of college. This project began as a mockup and an interview and led to a huge opportunity of rebranding the site with a new logo and image. This Nestwatch site tracks the banding of birds nationwide through the participation of project participants and citizen scientists


The Migratory Bird Center website was an outdated and confusing site meant for citizen scientists to record bird banding and bird resights in their area. The mockup for this site was created through Wix, however, the final site will use a different host meant to extract HTML. The mission of this project was to create a pitch deck, a new website, an animated logo, and an interview.



Once this project was completed for my class, I decided to bring it to one of the bird ecologists at the Migratory Bird Center. Soon, my logo would begin to be used in presentations and be presented to the director of the Migratory Bird Center. 


Although this project is still in the making, it has already become such an amazing experience for me. Now, I am in the process of transferring and redesigning the website for a second time. When I first created the mockup for this site, it was one of my first designs. Now that I have had experience redesigning a website for other companies, I am becoming more consumer-conscious. I want to use my new knowledge and experience to reshape my mock-up to be more cohesive and beautiful, and possibly be the new face of the Migratory Bird Center.  

Nestwatch Interview
Mattie Elkin

Nestwatch Interview

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