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Matilyn Sage



From a small town in Connecticut, there are not many opportunities to flourish. However, I never let this become an obstacle for me, rather an opportunity to step outside my comfort zone both location-wise and design-wise.



Adobe Suite

Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Adobe XD, Lightroom

Web Design

HTML, CSS, WordPress, Wix, Sharepoint, Teams, Visual Studio Code, Filezilla 

User Interface

Adobe XD


Figma, Adobe XD

Digital Media Analytics

Hootsuite, Sharablee, Google Analytics 4

Social Media/ Digital Media

Photography, Graphic Design, Animation, Canva, Flyers

Recent Projects

Biossance Wireframe – 17.png

Biossance UI

Artboard – 1.png

Biossance App

Msage logos copy 3.png
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