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Take One Moment

This app is a safe house for newly graduated nurses. Here, users can utilize their fragmented time between work to seek support, connect with others, and self-monitor. As our slogan states, “take a moment to take care of yourself.”

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Me First

Me First allows the user to ake one moment out of their day and pay closer attention to their needs and desires.


Making life-impacting decisions, clinical workers are naturally with high stress. Nursing is one of the most physically and mentally demanding professions. Nurse burnout is the state of mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion caused by sustained work-related stressors: long and consecutive working time, the pressure of decision-making, and the strain of caring practice with poor outcomes



The 46th Annual CADC Award Show

Excellence for Student Online & Interactive/ Unpublished

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GDUSA 2022

Coming Soon

Soon to be announced

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