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Meet The Team

Amir Sumani


Mattie Elkin


Eimear McGowan

Samantha Peters

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Initial Problem & Problem Statement

UConn students are struggling to keep their work organized due to online classes. Therefore, how might we improve the organization for Uconn Students who are struggling to keep their work organized due to online/hybrid classes? To solve this issue, we created a universal platform for Uconn Students based on naturalistic observational research as well as focus group and surveys. 

Research Overview

Surveys/Focus Groups

  • The majority have felt less organized in their online classes since the pandemic

  • Unclear if solely the pandemic causes all organizational problems

  • The majority is in favor of a universal platform that would help with organization

Naturalistic Observation

  • Lack of concentration, motivation, & communication = bad organizational habits

  • Use of other platforms for schoolwork not UConn affiliated

  • Missed assignments from lack of communication with unorganized professors

Inital Problem

Ideation Process

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Social Classroom

Social Classroom is a peer-to-peer communication platform embedded in HuskyConnect to allow students in class together to ask questions and promote discussion

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Classes and Organization

HuskyConnect academics allows you to keep track of your grades, professors, classes, and materials. You can also create task list and organize your calendar. 

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Universal Platoform

After the pandemic, asynchronous classes and resources became a necessity for students. HuskyConnect is a universal hosting platform for all your external resources: Blackboard collaborate, Zoom, Kaltura, etc. 


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Final Product

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